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Guide to Quality Assurance Period ※ The warranty period is one year after purchase. This is then a repair service.

You can purchase it through online shopping mall and it is calculated based on the date of purchase and provides free warranty service for natural defect of quality, performance, or function that occurred by free of charge on the shopping mall site or receipt. Since then, we have supported repair of engineer travel AS and parcel delivery services from our nationwide branch.

Components and accessories are 6 months after purchase.
Exchange and refund information - Poor performance and failure within 15 days of purchase
- Product damage or damage due to personal handling or carelessness can not be returned or exchanged (Charged AS is possible)
- If the box of products is opened during normal operation, they can not be returned

1. Repair contents

Free repair - Performance, functional failure or defect in normal use during the warranty period of the product
- If the same failure occurs within 3 months from the date of receipt of the charged warranty
- If failure occurs up to 3 times with the same defect
- If a defect occurs within 15 days
- Damage caused during transportation when purchasing the product (contact within 7 days)
- If a replacement product fails and a critical repair is required within one month
Repair on demand - Performance defect or failure occurred after the free service period has expired
- Failure due to carelessness, malice, or negligence during use of the customer regardless of the product's warranty period
- Structure, performance and modification of the product by the Company or by persons other than the service engineer delegated by the Company
- Or failure caused by modulation
- Failure due to a power failure of the user or a defect in nearby equipment regardless of the product's warranty period
- Product failure or defect caused by natural disasters regardless of the product warranty period
- Service charge due to under-use by consumers within the warranty period (shipping cost and travel expenses billed)

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Privacy Statement

Privacy Statement(Privacy)

① When collecting personal information of a user, the CIMA collects the least amount of personal information necessary to provide the service.
② When signing up as a member, the CIMA does not collect the necessary information in advance to fulfill the purchase contract. However, in case of a need for personal verification prior to the purchase contract in order to fulfill the obligation under the related statutes, such information shall not be collected at least.
③ When a user's personal information is collected or used, CIMA notifies the purpose of the information to the user concerned and obtains approval from the user.
④ If the collected personal information is not used for purposes other than the one used, and a new purpose of use is found or a new use is provided to a third party, the user is informed of the information and uses it for the purposes of providing the information.
⑤ In the event a user's consent is required in accordance with Article 2 and 3, CIMA shall provide information related to the purpose of personal information management, information collection and utilization, and information related to the purpose of information protection, in advance. The user may also revoke this agreement at any time.
⑥ The user can ask for personal information and can request for error correction at any time, and CIMA shall promptly take necessary measures. In the event a user requests correction of an error, the " CIMA Web site " will not use such personal information until the error is corrected.
⑦ To protect personal information, the linen shall limit the minimum number of persons who carry out personal information of the users and provide personal information such as credit card, bank account, and other data that are not lost or stolen from the users.
⑧ If a third party that receives personal information from CIMA or it has fulfilled the purpose of collecting personal information or the purpose it was provided, such personal information shall be destroyed promptly.
⑨ In this case, it is not set as a pre-selected box for personal information collection or utilization. In addition, the company specifies the services that are not restricted when the user refuses to sign up for personal information collection or utilization of personal information such as the members' refusal to sign up for necessary personal information or provides the service as a reason for its refusal of subscription.

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